Use the Moon and lunar fertility to help you get pregnant

2 Fertile times every menstrual cycle??

Most women watch their menstrual cycles and think that their mid cycle or biological ovulation is the best time to get pregnant.

What they may not know is that...

the moon can trigger ovulation and bring on fertililty at any time during the menstrual cycle - including before, during and just after your period.

This is called natal lunar fertility.

We have all heard stories of women falling pregnant at times other than their mid cycle ovulation.

Maybe you even know someone who swears that they did not have sex at their mid cycle time and yet they are pregnant.

Or that they had sex during their period, a supposedly safe time and they are pregnant.

Francesa Naish from her book The Lunar Cycle (page 19 - 20) tells us

"Over and over in clinical use of the lunar phase cycle instances have occurred where this cycle seemingly explains otherwise puzzling phenomena. Conceptions have always been known to occur when medical tests of fertility claim they are totally or nearly impossible. These times include during menstruation, during pregnancy or on the Pill.

Many women feel sure they know when they have conceived, only to be told by doctors that they are mistaken. Ultrasounds often give results that show the progress of the pregnancy to be 1-2 weeks at variance with the expectations of the doctor.

Many women feel sure that they know when they ovulate, have regular cycles, and yet have conceived against their wishes. These conceptions occur at times when they are quite sure they are safe.

Doctors have traditionally felt that these instances result from the woman making a mistake of one kind or another, and doubtless many of them do. However it is also plausible that a further factor in fertility namely the lunar cycle, may be behind these seemingly 'erroneous' cases"

Ovulation - one time per cycle is wrong...

In 2003 a Canadian Newspaper carried the front-page headline news

"Ovulation: 'One time per cycle is wrong'... In a finding that left even the researchers 'flabbegasted', University of Sasketchewan scientists have found this pattern of follicular development actually occurs two to three separate times during a woman's menstrual cycle.

What's more, 40% of women have the biological potential to ovulate more than once during a cycle... the results help to explain for the first time why some women get pregnant while on birth control pills" (The Reluctant Hypothesis)

Scientific research has not worked out why conceptions can occur outside mid cycle ovulation but it has known for a long time that the moon has a direct effect on the reproductive cycles of many living creatures on Earth, triggering spawning, ovulation and mating in many species including us.

Remember ... If You are Only using Your Mid Cycle Ovulation to Try and Conceive You could be setting yourself up for failure

Recent studies by researchers in the USA and Italy have shown that...

"a woman's chance of becoming pregnant if she has sex two days before ovulation is around 50% in any one menstrual cycle if both partners are aged between 19 and 25 years"

The rates fall rapidly to

"40% for couples between 27 and 34" and "for a woman aged between 35 and 39, the chances of her conceiving are less than 30% if her partner is of the same age, falling to 20% if the man is five years older."(The Reluctant Hypothesis by Kevin Allen)

Conception Success using mid cycle ovulation as Couple age rises
You can overcome statistics like these by using lunar fertility to increase the opportunity you have for conception each and every menstrual cycle

But you don't HAVE TO rely on just mid cycle ovulation to get pregnant.

Lunar Fertility will increase your odds of geting pregnant in two ways

  1. By synchronising your mid-cycle ovulation to your natal lunar fertile time, you have a doubly charged fertile window of opportunity.

  2. Having two fertile times per cycle provides you with two opportunities to conceive.

The next section explains how lunar fertility works and how you can use it to find the best time to get pregnant... Next



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