Use the Moon and lunar fertility to help you get pregnant

Lunar Fertility History

The phenomenon of Lunar Fertility is all based on the re-discovery of the Natal Lunar Phase by Slovakian psychiatrist Dr Eugene Jonas in the 1950's. Living in a time and place where abortion was illegal, and the rhythm method the only method of contraception. Dr Jonas had to counsel many distressed women who were unintentionally pregnant.

Dr Jonas sought to discover why the rhythm method had such a high failure rate. The rhythm method works (or doesn't work!) by counting days in your cycle of when you are most likely to be fertile based on your menstrual cycle history.

The rhythm method does not take into account mucus observation or changes and fluctuations of your cycle due to stress, sicknesse etc - this probably contributes to its high failure rate when used as the only means of contraception and a fairly 'hit and miss' result when aiming for conception.

After researching the birth data of thousands of women Dr Jonas observed some astonishing patterns and put forward three rules governing conception.

  • A woman is fertile each month at the same lunar phase under which she was born. That is, you are fertile at that time of your cycle when the moon is at the same lunar phase as when you were born - regardless of where that time falls within your menstrul cycle.

  • The sex of a child is determined by the position of the moon at conception.

  • The viability of a pregnancy and foetus is dependent upon the configuration of the nearer celestial bodies.

Dr Jonas continued to study and research these theories under a great deal of opposition and ridicule.

The scientific community had difficulty (and still does) coming to grips with Jonas' theories as they were based on astrology or cosmobiology. (Cosmobiology is concerned with the demonstrable and physiological effects of certain planetary bodies rather than the interpretation of symbology of the planets.)

Astra International

Astra International, a private clinic in Vienna became the leading exponents of the Lunar cycle theory. Researching Dr Jonas' single fertile time premise, Astra showed a success rate when used for contraception of 80 - 85% if abstinence is practiced only during lunar fertile times.

Another doctor - Dr Kurt Rechnitz applied Dr Jonas' theories independently. Being a director of the first maternity clinic in Budapest, he was greatly interested in the possible patterns in the times of conception.

Combining Dr Jonas first rule with knowledge of mid cycle or hormonal ovulation Dr Reichnitz developed the two fertile time rule. He used this two fertile time rule in research tests and produced an astonishing 98% success rate when used for birth control. Compare this to success rates of other common forms of birth control - condoms 93% - 98%, The Pill 93 - 99%, Diaphragm 80 - 97%.

In 1970, Astra's scientific board evaluated the results of a survey done by 1252 women using the two fertile time method for conception - the success rate was 97.7%. 

Whether it is used to avoid or acheive pregnancy it is a valuable non-invasive tool that all women can use to improve their fertility management.

To increase your chances of conception the natal lunar phase fertile time can be used in two ways.

  • By synchronising your mid-cycle ovulation to your natal lunar fertile time, you have a doubly charged fertile window of opportunity.

  • Having two fertile times per cycle provides you with two opportunities to conceive.

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