Use the Moon and lunar fertility to help you get pregnant

Menstrual Regularity is the KEY to Healthy Fertility...

Most women watch their menstrual cycles and have been taught that their mid-cycle or biological ovulation is the best time for them to have sex in order to fall pregnant.

Diagram of 29 day menstrual cycle showing fertile time

This is all very well if the woman has a regular cycle and can pin point her mid cycle fertile time.

But what if you don't have a regular cycle?

Women who experience irregular cycles - too long or too short put their chances of conception in jeopardy.

Numerous studies have shown that women who have a cycle length of 29.5 days are more fertile than any other group.

A regulare menstrual cycle makes it easier to target your fertile timeAs the cycle length varies either side of 29.5 days fertility starts to wane and it becomes more and more difficult for a women to pinpoint her mid cycle ovulation phase.

Researchers have also shown that women experiencing longer or shorter cycles experience more discomfort, heavier bleeding, cramping and more intense symptoms relating to PMT etc.

They have more incidence of difficulty conceiving and in many cases ovulation ceases to occur altogether.

Even if they do fall pregnant the risk of miscarriage rises due to the fact that their body may not have the resources to complete the pregnancy.

This is why it is Vitally Important to make sure you have a regular cycle before you try to conceive.

Now if you are getting worried that your cycle is too long, too short or otherwise irregular - I want to make this one very important point - GETTING REGULAR AGAIN IS EASIER THAN YOU THINK.

But before I tell you how the CAP can help you regulate your cycle, I want to explain a little about how the menstrual or fertility cycle works. It is just like the children's game Mousetrap ...



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