Use the Moon and lunar fertility to help you get pregnant

The Moon and its Effects on Female Fertility.

Conceive using the power of the moonIntuitively, women have always understood that the moon, their menstrual cycles and fertility are intimately connected.

In folk lore and ancient traditions the connections between the three are taken as fact.

Consider the following:

  • A healthily fertile woman's menstrual cycle runs its course in about twenty-nine days, one lunar cycle.

  • A standard healthy pregnancy runs for 42 weeks or 10 lunar months.

  • The relationship between the moon's cycles and menstruation is so fundamental that the two phenomena are related linguistically. Our words, ‘menstruation,’ ‘moon,’ and ‘month,’ all come from the Greek word for ‘measure of time.’

Science Confirms the Moon / Menses Link

Recent scientific research has shown that whilst sunlight stimulates your body clock to produce its sleep / wake rhythm it is the moon which controls the function of the menstrual / fertility cycle.

Female ovulation and the menstrual cycle are controlled by the hormone Melatonin, which is produced by the pineal gland during periods of darkness.

In 2001 scientists at Jefferson Medical College worked out how the human eye uses light to regulate melatonin production.

They found a unique photoreceptor in the eye responsible for reacting to light. ThisHow light travels from the eye to the pineal gland receptor sends a signal to the pineal gland which regulates the levels of melatonin depending upon the level of moonlight detected by the eye.

Diagram showing how light enters the pineal gland through the photoreceptor in the eye. Levels of light control the production of the hormone Melatonin which controls ovulation and the menstrual cycle.

You can only wonder about the effect of artificial light on modern women. Many of us live in cities where light pollution is a real problem and we rarely spend any time enjoying moonlight anymore.

If your body is dependent upon moonlight to regulate its fertility then it stands to reason that lack of moonlight would have adverse effects on your cycle.

Fertility Tip - try spending time in low light every night - that is, dim the lights, turn off the TV and computer and try lighting a few candles. This will give your body a much needed respite from artificial light and give it time in darkness.

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