Use the Moon and lunar fertility to help you get pregnant

Take a look at the success other women have had using the Conception Action Pack

"Hi Nadia, Just wanted to let you know that I am now 7.5 weeks pregnant! It still feels surreal that something is growing inside me. Thank you for the Conception Action Pack."

Emily age 30

"Dear Nadia, My wife is now three and a half months pregnant. We conceived 1 month after reading the CAP.  Thanks for everything."

Kenneth and Samantha Age 38

" Great to hear from you. Many apologies that I have not been in touch before now. The CAP booklet which you sent to me was great and easy to understand and fact so great that we conceived that very month!
I am now 12 weeks pregnant and have my first scan tomorrow, which I am very excited about but also quite nervous about.
Thank you for sending me the pack and I have kept it fo future reference!!"

Naomi Age 27

"I ordered your package back in November. I did as much as I could with all of your suggestions. You also said that January would be our best month to conceive...well, WE DID!

You were always so polite and personable in your letters... something which I did NOT expect..Thank you so much for your help!!!!! You really should advertise more! I am so impressed with you, your book, and your company!! Thank you! Thank you!"

Dea Bell age 28

"Hi Nadia I have great news!!!  I underwent intrauterine insemination on the 22 Sept. and I am now Pregnant!!!  Even though I had medical assistance, the insemination did happen at the ) phase of the moon, which I believe is my lunar return and I had been doing the affirmations.  I had my husband also state out loud some of the affirmations.  I not sure what helped but I don't regret trying everything.  Thanks for checking in.  I wish you continued success. "

Elena Age 41

" Just wanted to let you know that I am pregnant. 11 weeks today. WITH TWINS! Due May 15th. Thank you so much for your wonderful information!"

Susan Age 29

"Hi, Nadia.  Thank you for checking on me.  I don't need any help.  I'm about 7 weeks pregnant!  Although I would appreciate any tips you might have on dealing with intense 24hr. nausea!  Thanx again."
Chelsey Age 34

" Good news - we conceived in October, right around my lunar return date. So, the CAP was very helpful. Thanks again."

Alissa Age 36

"Dear Nadia, thanks for checking up, sorry I didn't reply sooner, although I didn't have any good news to tell you UNTILL NOW.. Yes, we are pregnant, only just. We missed our September Lunar dates but that was us being away & busy, so we actually only had a proper go in October. (lunar date one week earlier than Mid cycle date, so we had a couple of chances !!!!) Anyhow we're pregnant & very happy & well.  "       

Tania Age 38

"We are pregnant!! It is amazing I am 7 weeks today. I am still in shock a
little, but it is the best news we have ever had. Thanks for the info and for the follow up mail."

Mel Age 29

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